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School of Natural Sciences

School of Natural Sciences offers programs that develop understanding about the physical and natural world. It focuses on advances in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, physics and so on.


School of natural sciences at Earnest Hill University emphasis on advancement in the field of biology. Biology deals with various problems and challenges that are faced by human beings on daily basis. They develop cure to life threatening diseases and so on. Students after completing the program Earnest Hill University can work anywhere in the world.


Students who are enrolled in chemistry will study the composition of structure, properties and matter. Students will be given deep knowledge related to field of chemistry so that they can apply their knowledge in the real world.

Career Prospects

Earnest Hill University 's core competency is in education that makes graduates the first preferences for recruiters all over the world. Over gradutes are working in top notch organizations in the world.

EHU offers career counseling services to its students with regards to their education, career choices and employemnt opportunites.

Our experts will match your competencies and interests to the requirements of each field of study and recommend majors that are most suited to you.

Earnest Hill University 's Placement and Internships department regularly posts vacancies in top organizations in the world.