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The Same University has been providing quality education and improving education system at the same time. Earnest Hill University is renowned all over the world for imparting quality education to its students.

We are offering professional degree and non-degree programs that are 100% online from enrollment to graduation, admissions at Earnest Hill University are open throughout the year.

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Application Process

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Fill out the application form available online on the website and provide all the relevant information that is needed to proceed further.

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Email Notification

Once you are done with the form filling procedure, you will be notified through email that your credentials have been received.

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Admission Formalities

You will have to express whether you want to be a part of the usual or accelerated program, depending on which more information will be provided to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Earnest Hill University's Mission?

Our focus on providing top quality online education has helped us devise a mission that speaks about our relentless commitment towards imparting education: ″ To carry out our functions in such a way that makes it easier for working professionals and other students to have access to education anywhere, any time and complete their degrees at their own pace, according to their own needs and in their required field."

Is Earnest Hill University Affordable?

Our fee structure is designed in such a way that it is affordable by the masses. Students studying at Earnest Hill University save a lot of expenses. Furthermore, our aim is to ensure that students belonging to any class of economic background can afford education at Earnest Hill University . Moreover, we at Earnest Hill University , also offer numerous benefits like scholarships, credit transfer facility and much more.

What are the University tuition fees?

The sole mission of Earnest Hill University is to make affordable yet best quality education available to everyone at corner of the globe. Earnest Hill University has the lowest tuition fees of all top accredited on-line universities. Furthermore Earnest Hill University has various fee payment options, and its own financial aid program to make student finance even easier to take care off.

I have heard so about the EHU’s Scholarship program, How do I apply for that?

At Earnest Hill University only credits from an accredited college will be accepted. Students of Earnest Hill University are provided credit transfer facility for previously studied courses as well as work experience. The facility is aimed at helping students by enabling them to speed up their degree program. Once the University accepts credits are accepted by Earnest Hill University, the total number of courses that a student has to study decreases, saving both time and tuition fee.