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Earnest Hill helps students pay for college through The Earnest Hill Pledge-a scholarship program that rewards you for your unique talents and skills. Through the Earnest Hill Pledge, you can qualify or up to 90% scholarship on your total program fee. Our pledge to you is good for as long as you attend any of our degree program and make adequate academic progress.

More than 95% of Earnest Hill students receive financial aid-and so could you. Earnest Hill University 's Financial Aid programs specialize in helping you find the resources to afford your education. You'll be eligible for additional aid Earnest Hill raises privately that is only available to our students. This Earnest Hill Pledge scholarship program means that the portion you pay for an education at Earnest Hill could be much less than at other campus based universities.

You can save up to 90% of your tuition fee

Presidential Scholarship is especially designed keeping in mind the financial needs of the students of different backgrounds and is distributed to students on need basis. Serving the financial needs of students since past many years, the scholarship has proved to be beneficial for students struggling with educational expenses.

Do I qualify for Presidential Scholarship at Earnest Hill?

The eligibility criteria at Earnest Hill University for Presidential Scholarship are so minimum that 90% of the applicants qualify for it. Working adults, veterans, home-schooled students, job seekers and military officials get an instant approval for the scholarship. With the scholarship, you can earn a degree without any financial hassles.

Scholarship Process

The process of applying for the scholarship is simple and easy. All you have to do is show your interest for the scholarship at the time of filling out your admission form, and you will know if you qualify for a scholarship before you pay your enrollment fees. However, you are required to follow these steps: